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Fabien Pataud

Sales Specialist

Fabien is an award-winning agent with 10 years experience in sales. A certified professional negotiator who also ran a successful sales consulting business working with major property & finance companies across Australia & the US – some of which have been featured as the top 100 fastest growing businesses in Australia (according to the AFR).

A passion for people, property, and profit, Fabien’s personable character & unique blend of skills ensures his client is always achieving beyond market expectations. What makes him stand out from others is how his clients become his family.

Outside of his Business, Fabien grew up in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, is a devoted father of 3 boys and loves taking the family on hiking adventures, travelling around the world, and spending quality time with his wife Jackie. In his own time, he enjoys reading personal development books and attending personal and business seminars.

Some achievements Fabien is proud to share with you are:
- Number 1 sales agent 2014
- Number 1 sales agent 2015
- Most Profitable real estate office 2015
- Gold Badge Winner 2015
- Number 1 fastest growing company 2018(client)
- Number 1 fastest growing company 2019(client)
- Certified & Trained Real Estate Negotiator
- Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach

Fabien’s motto is – “In life, we are either growing or decaying and we get to decide which one it is”.

Please reach out if you would like to chat about your real estate needs, I would love to hear from you :)

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M. 0421 118 107